Vice champion of the ESL R6 Major League on Xbox One

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We are vice champions of the first ESL Rainbow Six Major League Season on Xbox One. Yesterday we’ve got to see the finals of the Rainbow Six Major League on Xbox. For our team the evening started great with a close win in the semi-finals against the Pro League Team of Supremacy. In the final we did come up against Team Viral which came off victorious in the end.

Team-Captain Sahin “SahiiN” Zeybek says:
“Last night our first season in the Xbox EU Major League came to an end, in a series of nail biting and heartbreaking moments. Our first step? Supremacy!! One of the the best teams or arguably the best team in Europe on Xbox. Going in to the game we were full of confidence in our game plan after much training, the only thing left was to execute the plan to the best of our abilities. After taking the first map 5-3 on Oregon we lost the second map 5-3 on Chalet. The decider was played on Border, a map we felt good playing but isn’t a strength of ours. After going down 3-1 on of the Supremacy players disconnected and we took the round. I told the boys ” that was a gift… take advantage of it” from there we made some in game adjustments to our strategy to counter they’re game plan and we won four rounds straight to take the map 5-3 and advance to the Grand Finals. We expected to play the finals the following week but were told we’d have to play the game straight away. Least to say we just weren’t mentally ready after the Supremacy game to play another series and went on to lose 2-0 in the series. It was quite funny meeting my old team in the Major League Finals, and taking nothing away from them they played a hell of a game. Very lightning fast attacks and very aggressive defenses. Thus came the end to our season, we hold our heads high and proud as we defied odds and surpassed many expectations. From the hate and negativity that is hurled at us we decided to let our game do the talking. We will now take a very short but we’ll deserved break, then start preparations for Season 2. We will not except anything less then the championship as this is what this team and organisation deserves. To my teammates Fate, Tyrant, Starbuz, and Yaayo I thank you for your commitment and your dedication.  I can gladly call you guys friends as our relationship now extends beyond the game. To Kaypi, Gonzo, Major and the rest of the 1UP family I love you guys, thank you for your never ending support and encouragement we are all very grateful.”

CEO & Team-Manager Kay-Zoel “kaypi” Runné says:
“I am proud of what we accomplished. Going to the finals as bit of an underdog we showed everybody what we are made of. We played with compassion and good tactics and earned our spot in the ESL Major League Final. Unfortunately the organisation at the ESL-Finals weren’t the best and after our nerve wracking Match against Supremacy we were forced to play the Final without a proper break. We gave our best but an extraordinary performance of TeamViral paired with our drained minds resulted in a defeat. But still, against all the odds, we showed everybody that no one should underestimate us. I am sure we will come back even stronger next season and aim again directly for the title.”

Watch the full semi-final match against Supremacy here:

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