Manuel “Nuni” K. ONLINE(OFFLINE)

german Manuel “Nuni” K. (born in 1988) is a passionate Caster of the Rainbow Six: Siege PS4 Community. He joined 1UPeSports Twitch Team in march 2017.

Saskia “Medi” H. ONLINE(OFFLINE)

german Saskia “Medi” H. (born in 1992) is a passionate Gamer since almost 7 years and a big fan of Rainbow Six: Siege. She joined 1UPeSports Twitch Team in march 2017.

Patric “major4killing” Jacob ONLINE(OFFLINE)

german Patric “major4killing” Jacob (born in 1999) joined 1UPeSport in december 2015. Collecting many competitive skills starting from Battlefield 3 over 4 till Battlefield: Hardline he became an accomplished eSports player.


german Sören “HEKTROP” G. (born in 1998) is passionate Rainbow Six: Siege player and part of the Community Team “Pr1me”. Sören is Patrics right hand during competitive livecasts on 1UPeSports Twitch Channel. He joined 1UPeSport in december 2016.