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In the next few years Esports will reach more people than football or american football.
With the help of 1UP ESPORT, your brand will reach this young audience.
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15 years of experience have made Hörluchs one of the most innovative headphone producers worldwide. With their In-Ears gamers can hear details within their games which they are not able to hear with other similar products.

Improving the lives of children through the power of play!

The 1337.Camp provides with more than 300m² on two floors two chillout area, four bathrooms, two fully equipped kitchen, four bedrooms and three gaming rooms. The camp gives the gamers the option to bring their own PC or use the camp‘s own high performance gaming PCs. For tactical purposes the camp also has whiteboards and projectors. After just one year the 1337.Camp has become one of the most visited & recommended bootcamp locations in germany.

Outfitter in the field of eSports since 2010.