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Esports will reach more people than football or american football in the next few years.
With the help of 1UPeSport, you can reach this young audience.
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Gaming is not just a hobby, its a passion. We invest this passion for gaming in every product, to develop gaming hardware with quality and provide every gamer with the hardware they deserve. We support every gamer, no matter if you’re a casual or competitive gamer and on which plattform you play.

Our products will support you through your gaming experience and will unleash your full potential. 100% performance paired with 100% quality!

15 years of experience have made us one of the most innovative headphone producers worldwide. With our In-Ears gamers can hear details within their games which they are not able to hear with other similar products.

1337 Camp is a bootcamp. I don’t know what to write right now.

Improving the lives of children through the power of play!