What a heck of a season! After 6 weeks of hard matches, we’ve made it on top of Group A in the ESL UK Premiership and qualified for the LAN-Finals in Leicester (10th – 11th of march 2018). We asked our Rainbow 6 Xbox Team, under the lead of Thomas „GreedyWillo“ Williams, how the season went from their perspective. We will continuously update this post each day with a new quote from one of our R6 Xbox Players, starting on the 5th of march.

„Overall this season went well for me and the boys, not as good as I thought it would go but it went well, the best is yet to come and I’m sure the Rainbow Six community will be seeing it this weekend for sure. #getyoursocksoff“

Jake "Mop" Tyler

Player - Rainbow 6 Xbox

Mop in the Top Plays Of The Week:

„Let’s get ‚em boys!!!“

Thomas "GreedyWillo" Williams

Team Captain - Rainbow 6 Xbox

„We came into this event very confident we got rattled first game due to nerves but since then we’ve stepped up big time putting in a lot of time anyone can make it to prem just like before I met willo and co I wasn’t too known now I’m in prem striving with boys and looking forward to LAN after our brilliant few wins during the season. LAN will be an awesome experience for me and playing on the biggest stage in Xbox competitive at the moment will be nerve wrecking but a brilliant experience. Also the team has made me the player I am today made me improve dramatically and now I’m here competing at the top level on Xbox.“

Cormac "Kimbae" Fallon-Myers

Player - Rainbow 6 Xbox

Kimbae in the Top Plays Of The Week:

„I had a vision after EGX that I would return to LAN with a title winning roster. Loyalty, passion, determination and consistency is what drives me. But that vision has now become a reality.“

Kieran "Kiza" Elouali

Player - Rainbow 6 Xbox

„For the past 2 to 3 months i have been the weakest link in the team when it comes to gun skill but thanks to my amazing team mates i have improved drastically on both my gun skill and in game knowledge and just hope to keep improving and show everyone that i can play at this level.“

Brendan "Nygma" Laing

Player - Rainbow 6 Xbox

Nygma in the Top Plays Of The Week: